Hamelman Video Tutorials: Learn From a Master

I was idly hypothesising about how one might slash the dough of a baguette to achieve the characteristic tear, when it struck me that this here internets would probably hold the answer. Well done internets; you did me proud. These videos are comprehensive, and come from a name I’ve come to trust: Jeffrey Hamelman. Serious skills. Videos after the break. Continue reading


Recipe – Dan Lepard’s Campaillou

Following an encounter with a quite delicious take on a New York Reuben, I decided I needed to find a recipe for the bread on which it was made: Campaillou. This proved far trickier than I had anticipated.  I consider my google-fu to be at least intermediate. But even Google is no match for secretive French bakers.  Oh no. Turns out you have to be in their club in order to get flour from the millers, Ronde des Pains, and the recipe for the blend of grains. Spoil sports.

But, fortunately for us all, baking superhero Dan Lepard has given us his interpretation of the elusive loaf on his forums (third post down). His book “The Handmade Loaf” has already transformed my bread, and I only got it this Christmas.  Pop over there and check it out; as he says it’s not technically a Campaillou, but it’s pretty close.

I’ve not tried it yet, and I don’t have a suitable machine, but I’m stowing it for future use.

Have you made anything similar?  OR had a hard time hunting down a recipe?