Belated Buttery Buns

These were scheduled as part of April’s Mellow Bakers Handmade Loaf bake-along, but it’s taken until now for me to get round to making them. I’m glad I made the effort though, they were a real treat.

They are essentially savoury croissants: a stiff, white, milk dough with layers of  butter (oh-so-much-butter!) incorporated once the dough has proved (proven?) over night. Continue reading


Sourdough Starter Days 4, 5 and 6…

…or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Leaven.

Day 4 in the Natural Leaven house, and the raisins have been evicted.

Urgh. I feel slightly soiled by that. Don’t you? Apologies for that.

Couple of days to catch y’all up on. One of them quite eventful. Are you sitting comfortably?

Starter Day 4 - as I found it

On Day 4 Señor Starter was looking much the same: the early signs of fermentation (pin hole bubbles), and a sheen on the surface where liquids and solids had begun to separate. There was more pronounced discolouration where the raisins had began to break down. They’ve served their purpose, i.e. to boost yeast and “friendly” bacteria at the beginning of the process, and so the time has come to remove them. Sniff. Continue reading

Bready Beginnings: Hugh’s Every-Dough and Rock-Solid Rejects.

Is there any more fundamental foodstuff than bread?  If there is I cannot think of it.  It seems to me bizzare, then, that it has taken me this long to start making it.  Ought not one learn to do this whilst learning to read, to ride a bike?

Still, that’s by-the-by.  I have taken steps to rectify this skill blind spot.   Continue reading

A Sincere Sarnie Salutation!

A salami sandwich

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Hey there. I’m Will, and I really bloody love sandwiches. I appreciate that mightn’t make me sound very exciting.  I’m under no illusions that it seems a peculiar thing to which to dedicate a blog, but my love goes a little further than enjoying a lunchtime ham bap or late-night cheese toastie.

Though I can scarcely remember a day before I indulged the habit of sticking some-filling-or-other between two slices, I suppose there must have been a time when I had yet to enjoy the unique, and severely underappreciated, pleasure that is the mess saving, carb-boosting, getting-food-into-your-face technique known as the sandwich. Continue reading