Sarnie-Shop Review: Peppers

There are a few things in my home town of Gloucester, outside my family home, that I miss when I live elsewhere, and most of them are on or around Westgate Street. As such, Westgate tends to be where I head to show visitors Gloucester’s highlights. Gloucester has a beautiful cathedral, one of the first built in the gothic style, which is well worth a visit, and a pub, The Fountain, which is on a site that’s has had an Inn on it for hundreds of years, and still features folk music and morris dancing regularly. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to sing in both of them at different times. Very different experiences.

But as I was showing my ladyfriend around my home town for the first time, I was dismayed to see the shopfront of one of my other Westgate favourites sitting empty and unlit. Peppers, the delightful organic sarnie and salad shop had closed! Disaster! Continue reading


Several Slices of Heaven: Sarnie Review @ Ground, Brighton

It was with a severe, Sunday-morning, post last-night-of-the-tour, hangover that I was led by band-mates (and far better navigators) to the warm and welcoming Ground in Brighton.  Had I the choice of a full english, or a sandwich-based equivalent, I most likely would have taken it.  But, fortunately as it turns out, such options were not evident. Continue reading