Hamelman Video Tutorials: Learn From a Master

I was idly hypothesising about how one might slash the dough of a baguette to achieve the characteristic tear, when it struck me that this here internets would probably hold the answer. Well done internets; you did me proud. These videos are comprehensive, and come from a name I’ve come to trust: Jeffrey Hamelman. Serious skills. Videos after the break. Continue reading


Proving Improvements – Getting the Hang of the Basics.

In this, the second slice of my doughy journey, I’ll describe some of my experiences, and some of the things I found most useful, whilst learning to bake bread.  Read about my bready beginnings in the first part, here.  It bears mentioning that, as I write this, I am still very much in my “fresher” period of baking; a few months in with some loaves I’m happy with under my belt, but I’ve still a lot to learn.  My hope is that, by writing as I do so, I’ll help those at a similar stage, and learn from the communal wisdom of the baking blogosphere as I go.

Having chanced upon a pleasing first-ever loaf, my second disavowed me of any delusions of grainy grandeur I had developed, I had experienced both satisfaction (making me want to bake) and the challenge of failure (making me want to bake well);  I had to try again. Continue reading