About Leavened Heaven

This blog features recipes for sandwiches, bread, and sarnie fillings; reviews of sarnie-shops, coffee shops and other such eateries, cook books, baking guides, and even telly shows; tips and advice I pick up along my path to artisan baking, and anything else I/we find relevant or interesting.

The sandwich is one of the most under-appreciated ways of eating.  Many of us eat them every day, and yet how much consideration do we give them?  If this is your staple lunch, sandwiches make up 1/3 of your meals!  With a little extra thought, this most simple of things can become a source of joy.  This blog is dedicated to that aim, and the elevation of the humble sandwich to heady new heights of epicurean esteem.

In my search for Sarnie Shangri-La, I’ve taken up baking bread, started researching meat preservation, archiving recipe after recipe, and boring my friends, relatives, and ever-patient girlfriend to tears.  Well, now it’s your turn.  Hopefully, you’re interested enough in some of what I write to avoid weeping as a reaction.

Find out more about me, Will, here.


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