Shipton Mill Spending Spree

My intention to bake along with the Mellow Bakers bake-along have been somewhat hampered by a lack of funds to acquire the necessary ingredients to bake (along).

Fortunately, due to a morale-boosting donation from my grandparents I have been able to order the more hard to find ingredients (white poppy seeds, and whole rye grains, I’m looking at you), and popped in to Shipton Mill whilst on a quick visit to a good friend of mine in Tetbury. It is an advantage being in the same county as such a well-regarded Mill, although this is the first time I’ve made the trip.

I bought some stoneground wholemeal, malthouse, light rye, wholegrain spelt, semolina, and Italian “00”, as well as a round cane banneton. Phew!

Can’t wait to get to baking!

Keep it floury, folks!



11 thoughts on “Shipton Mill Spending Spree

  1. I’m jealous, though June’s recipes look easier to source. I had to send away for cane bannetons (well, my wife bought me them for christmas after numerous cookery shop assistants looked at us in a bemused way when we explained what they were for. They do make a difference though, and make to bread look professional. look forward to your photographs!

    • I was like a kid in a sweet shop! And when I went to collect the flour I got to nose around and see the various bits of kit, for measuring hydration and protein content etc. Baking geek out!

      Looking forward to taking the banneton out for a spin, very excited to get that spiral look…

    • It’s worth a trip, if only to save on postage! The staff were ever-so friendly and seemed used to seeing rather over-excited bakers acting like kids in a sweet shop! And I enjoyed my peek at the equipment.

  2. So envious of your locality. My bannetons are on (mail) order. Light Rye has eluded me. It’s also great to go to the source. I’m hoping to drop in on Golspie Mill next time we are on the A9 (although I don’t believe they have a shop.) Baking ingredients shouldn’t be costly. It’s the added value the baker provides through his efforts that makes it special. And do you know a cheaper hobby? Even my allotment costs £100 per annum rent. That pays for a lot of flour!

    • It IS cheap, eh? Especially considering one’s also providing sustenance to oneself and those around one. Even as a stickler for grammar that feels like an over abundance of “one” there… Still, you take my point. Even the more elaborate bakes only cost a few quid, and I quite enjoy hunting for ingredients (but I’ve been quite lucky thus far).

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