Bread in Bristol: Bread Store, Gloucester Road

I miss Bristol. For reasons innumerable. Circumstances (with which I’ll not bore you) have forced me to move away from my adopted home city, but fortunately not so far as I don’t get back there semi-regularly. For most of my time in Bristol I lived near the Gloucester Road, which (reportedly) has the highest density of independent retailers in Europe (or some such statistic), and is almost always buzzing with a glorious range of humans, most of whom are wearing a contented smile as they go about their business.

One of the firm fixtures (for the last 15 years, at least) is the ever-popular Bread Store, which serves a range of loaves freshly baked (onsite?), from white bloomers to 100% rye sourdough loaves (in two sizes), via speciality breads such as their red pepper and olive breads (enriched with olive oil, but not as holey as focaccia). I recently stayed with friends who live round the corner, and gladly went on a bread-run to Glo’ Ro’ in the morning to pick up something for breakfast. By some miracle, we beat the queue which inevitably erupts at weekends, and our efforts were rewarded by obtaining two, still-warm, white boules. Heaven in a paper bag!

It is also worth a mention, while ruminating and reminiscing on Glo’ Ro’, that a pop-up bakery has been operating from Stokes Croft (which is a stretch of the same road nearer town, for those not familiar with the lively, and increasingly infamous, area). Although I’ve not yet had a chance to sample their produce, it looks to be of a high standard.

Another of the innumerable reasons to miss, and love, the place.


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