Must Try Harder

Were this blog a child, the social would have swept in days ago and removed it from the neglectful care of its cruel and distracted keeper. My only excuse is both fair and devoid of joy – job hunting. Is there any more soul-sapping, tedious, and frequently demeaning process in the lives of your average westerner? Forgive me if this seems overstated, but I’m sure most of you know just what I mean.

I’ll get to proper articles when I have more than a snatched half-hour here or there, I promise. ‘Till then, I’ll tell you about some sarnies (with both capital and small s) that I’ve guzzled down my gob-hole of late.

Whilst visiting London in order to play a gig with my band, Joyce the Librarian, I decided to kill some time between my absurdly early megabus and the sound check at the Slaughtered Lamb, by hitting up Borough Market for a browse and a bite of lunch. Unfortunately, in a typical out-of-towner fashion, I was unaware that it was “closed” on Sundays. Fortunately, and doubtless not coincidentally, Cafe Brood was open for business as usual, and so the journey was not wasted. I had a rather fabulous wrap of Chorizo & Haloumi, with all the trimmings.

Two desert-island ingredients in one package? Wrap-win.

Now, the chances are I’m preaching to the sandwich-choir here, but for those that haven’t had one of these, I highly recommend it should you be in the area. As to how it stands up to the competition the rest of the week, I can’t say, but for me it seemed that I snatched delicious victory from the jaws of hungry defeat.

On the home-front, I turned a few slices of a home-baked sourdough loaf  into a Reuben, to which I was first introduced by Ground in Brighton. Salt beef, sauerkraut, gherkins and emmental, along with Russian dressing, on a brown rye-specked sourdough was a Saturday-lunchtime treat to write home about. Except I was at home, so I’ll write to the internet. Hello internet – it was yumsome!

I also had the left over dressing with some left over chicken from our Sunday Roast. That was also tasty.

That’ll have to do you for now, I fear. Proper posts forthcoming, I promise.


2 thoughts on “Must Try Harder

  1. I’m listening to your music and reading your post and leering at your lovely sandwich wrap thingie….. what could be more delightful? Hope your job hunting bears fruit – all the best Joanna 🙂

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