A Plan So Cunning… Coming up on Leavened Heaven

So it turns out there are some people reading this wee blog o’ mine. That’s a nice feeling. Keep doing that reading thing, people, it flatters my ego and makes this doughy-distraction-tactic all the more worthwhile.

So I thought I’d give you “readers” (should I stop? I’ll stop) a heads up about those articles I have scheduled/planned. Is this a step to far? Almost certainly.

Firstly, I’d planned a review of the rather splendid El Guapo, a Mexican street food eatery on Baldwin Street, Bristol. But as it has announced its closure only a few months in, it shall be a lament to lost tortas instead.

I’ll also give my thoughts on the Breadstore, Gloucester Road’s ever popular dispensary of doughy delights. I tried a plain white bloomer, a 100% rye sourdough loaf, and their Spanish something or other, with peppers on top. Thoughts on them, and the shop in general, coming up soon.

Also, on the recipe front, there’ll be recipes for naan bread, flatbreads, and gravadlax, the scandinavian soft-top sarnie extraordinaire!

Too much alliteration? Too much alliteration. I’ll rain it in.


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